Most of the course basic material (schedule, syllabus, homework, exam, etc.) is in CourseVille and they change every year. Those contents in CourseVille can only be accessed from enrolled students. However, I’m using this page to keep static materials such as my lecture handouts or simulation data sets.

Course Typically offered in
EE 202 - EE MATH II Semester 1 and 2
ee333 Semester 1
EE 401 - Random Processes for EE Semester 1
EE 635 - Control System Theory Semester 1
EE 507 - Computational Techniques for Engineers Semester 2
EE 531 - System Identification Semester 1
EE 732 - Convex Optimization and Engineering Applications Semester 2
FE 2104661 - Statistical Method for Financial Engineering Semester 1

Note: I'm not teaching EE635, 507 this academic year